White Branches, 38 Church Street, Marley Hill, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE16 5DW 

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We provide advice to live a holistic lifestyle.  Please ensure you seek medical support when needed. 

Direct Practice

Come and join us in the attic for a fusion of yoga combining traditional Hatha and Yin yoga.  

For a few months at a time we meet to practice a flow written with a theme and beautiful music.  This allows our minds to relax and our bodies to work as we acknowledge the postures and deepen our presence. 


There's a maximum of 4 each week and on occasion we may extend to 6 for a complete yin and meditation.  

Payment Options

We have several options available to suit your budget and lifestyle.


Book and pay as you got for £8.

6 x class pass for £30 (expiry 3 months)

11 x class pass for £50 (expiry 5 months)

1-2-1  class £30 per hour or £50 for 2 hours


Virtual Practice

We are developing an on-line practice to allow White Branches to flourish and share their gentle yoga and meditation. 

We have videos available on our website and a presence on YouTube so you can join us early in the morning, during your lunch break or whilst on holiday.   

On-Line Training

We're taking our holistic business on line.  

We'll be offering various packages direct to your door and the ability to learn in your own time.

Plans for 2020

We're currently launching our FREE on-line 5 day training for those suffering with gynecological pain. 

Head over to our  dedicated survey page to find out more.  

 Our Yogi Val 

"I love my weekly practice with Suzanne as her style, knowledge and explanations transport me to focus on my body, mind and soul. 


We're having fun along the way as she teaches me Tree Pose and I've been practicing myself when on holiday!"




 Our Yogi Chloe 

"When I'm in my practice with Suzanne, I'm on that beach in California with the cast from Big Little Lies* feeling the gentle breeze from the ocean. 


I love how Suzanne spends time planning the music with such care" 





*Music from Big Little Lies  soundtrack for heart opening practice