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Who are you?

My name is Suzanne J Lawson, aged 49 (birthday on Christmas Day!) and I live in a village in the North East of England between Newcastle and Durham.  I'm very habitual, hardworking and dedicated in everything that is thrown to me.  To work, sleep, eat and play without pain is my ultimate daily goal and I do this through various modalities I have trained at, studied for and qualified in.


Over the years I have become an expert in yoga, meditation, reiki and reflexology as they are my daily go-to regimes to assist my health and wellbeing.  I also love to tap into my artistic personality as I create crystal grid artwork, have recently started to paint and am planning to make my own clothes and home creations through sewing and needlework.

I love to garden, be out in nature with my two dogs (Bonnie and Heidi) and tap into other areas such as tarot and angel card reading, moon studies, essential oils and in particular how to heal through food combination.


I'm always thinking "what next?" and have books with lists, journals with thoughts, post its with lightbulb ideas and dairies full of memories.  I feel I have so much to share and this is the best way for me to do that. 

Tell me about White Branches

I want to spread the word to others about all I know about holistic living, and I do this via my blog/vlog through the power of yoga, reflexology and reiki.


Due to the many challenges of illness, trauma and pain I have suffered in my lifetime, I feel it is a good way to share knowledge to others who may find themselves lost and alone as I did when no pill or surgery can help. 


The aim of White Branches is to guide you through the seven steps of holistic living and I do this in a modern way tapping into ancient and traditional methods.  

Anyone special in your life?

My partner Ian and I met in 2014 on Match.com.  We have travelled to wonderful places around the world and meet up on weekends for walks in the countryside with his 3 dogs, Charlie, Lacie and Sid.

What have you suffered from? 

Childhood elbow trauma, endometriosis (undiagnosed for 16 years), infertility, cancer, anxiety, depression, back ache, whiplash, PTSD, hysterectomy, sepsis and liver damage.  

What qualifications do you have?

I'm a Registered 500 hours Yoga Teacher including Therapeutic Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation and Chakras.  I also have qualifications in Advanced Life Coach, Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Colour Therapist and Crystal Healer  

How has Coronavirus changed you?

I decided to close my part time yoga and treatment business and made the decision to change my business to a FREE on line blog and vlog.  However, due to ill health, this has now been on hold for the foreseeable.  

In May 2020 I welcomed beautiful Bonnie, my miniature wirehaired dachshund and later in November 2020 we were joined by Heidi, a dachshund teckel.  They have changed my life in so many ways! 

In 2021 I am spending time convalescing after severe endometriosis hysterectomy surgery, sepsis emergency surgery and liver damage.  

I'd love to get to know about you...

Come and join me on a journey of discovery to living your holistic lifestyle.  You may discover more about yourself.  If you head over to my BLOG you will see stories are created in 7 categories to embrace the way in which we all should live, the "chakra" way.  Chakra translates as "wheel" and you can follow this way of living via my various Branches working from the root, Red Branches through to the crown, White Branches.  Once I am feeling better I aim to update my blog, re-engage with social media and share my journey with you. 

Namaste ("the divine in my bows to the divine in you"), 

Suzanne x

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Namaste 🙏💜