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Suzanne J Lawson

Founder & Director, White Branches


Suzanne is a 500 hour Qualified Yoga Teacher, experienced Life Coach, Reiki Master, Reflexologist and Crystal Healer.  She has practiced yoga for 15 years when it became her “go to” for managing pain. 

Training internationally with inspirational teachers, Suzanne’s passion lies in philosophy and yoga “on and off the mat”.  She loves to share what she has learnt over the years from her own personal experiences and from training, studying, reading and practical workshops. 


Suzanne loves to spend time outdoors in the countryside near her home with her two miniature wirehaired dachshunds Bonnie and Heidi.  At weekends she goes on adventures in the campervan with her partner Ian and his two dachshunds Charlie and Sid.  They also love to travel and have visited many inspiring countries over the years. 


We're creating on-line guidance programs to help women live the life they deserve to lead in a holistic and nurturing way.  Look out for our new on-line store coming soon.  We will feature holistic products to create a balanced lifestyle. 


Moksha Coaching

Moksha Coaching for Holistic Living

Moksha derived from the Sanskrit word muc (“to free”). The term "moksha" literally means freedom from "samsara" (the cycle of death and rebirth to which life in the material world is bound).

If you've lived a life of pain, trauma or stuck in your old ways and need 1-2-1 support we can help you.  Our hourly rate starts at £60 GBP (around $83).

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