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About You

Gynecological Pain

Heavy Periods | Cramping | Headaches

painful monthly cramps?

have no energy during your period?

need guidance for pain?

ways to stop cramping controlling you?

create a lifestyle with less pain?

control headaches and migraines?

ways to deal with anxiety

help and support for depression?

restful sleep with no insomnia?

We're HERE for you whether you've been diagnosed or not.  We 100% understand the struggles, pain and stress you are going through with this every month. 

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At Home

Yellow Home Retreat

Time | Energy | Relax

Join our FREE Yellow Home Retreat being launched in January 2020 and we'll show you some great ideas and tips. 

Over 5 days (you can log on when you like), you'll learn about breathing techniques, power of our bespoke gentle yoga, how your feet connect to your brain and body, reiki energy and how music helps with pain. 

We've also partnered with a wonderful yoga clothing brand and luxury indulgent skin care brand for products delivered to your door at discount.

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About Us

Yellow Branches

Yoga | Balance | Change

Yellow Branches is our private group (part of White Branches) created for ladies with gynecological pain, whether diagnosed or not. 


We can bring a truly wonderful fusion of all things holistic including yoga, reiki, reflexology, coaching, healthy eating, pain management and genuine support.


Founder and Owner, Suzanne J Lawson has suffered for over 25 years with stage 4 endometriosis and you'll receive her E-Book, Yellow is the New Black, when you join.