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We provide advice to live a holistic lifestyle.  Please ensure you seek medical support when needed. 

Gynecology Pain

How would you like to....

feel comfort when having painful cramps?

bring gentle movement and energy during your period?

receive tips and guidance for painful periods?

learn how the feet connect to your cycle?

stop cramping controlling your life?

White Branches are creating an on-line training course to support ladies living with gynecology pain, whether diagnosed or not.

White Branches

Suzanne J Lawson, founder of White Branches, is a Yoga 500 hour Teacher & Holistic Therapist. She has developed a practice to support women with gynecology pain. Suzanne has suffered from stage 4 endometrial pain from the age of 12 years old and went un-diagnosed until aged 32.

Home Spa

Our FREE on-line home-spa training to be launched in 2020 will cover

Hatha and Yin Yoga (no experience necessary), Breathing Techniques for Pain

The Power of Reiki

Learning to Love Your Feet

Food & Drink for Good Health

The Holistic Approach

Cultivating Music

1-2-1 Coaching.

Discounted yoga and relaxing clothing

Spa goodies delivered to your door

Your Story

By collecting your thoughts and ideas, I can create a truly wonderful life-changing experience for you, your lifestyle and future well-being.

All of your comments and thoughts will be kept strictly confidential and only used to support my writing and content.

My Story

As a thank you for time, I'll be sending you my short story via E-Book about my gynecology pain and suffering.


I'll also drop you a note a few days later with further details of our FREE on-line Home Retreat we'll be launching in 2020.


Let's take action together!

with love, Suzanne x

Living with Gynecology Pain Survey