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We provide advice to live a holistic lifestyle.  Please ensure you seek medical support when needed. 

A unique blend of essenital oils to focus on the areas required.  Each in their roller ball glass bottle enables you to guide across soles of feet, backs of knees, wrists, temples and forehead before practice or prior to your meditation. 


Your Balance - Root | Muladhara | Red

Your Power - Sacram | Svadhishthana | Orange

Your Re-Start - Solar | Manipura | Yellow

Your Bridge - Heart | Anahata | Green

Your Truth - Throat | Vishuddha | Blue

Your Awakening - 3rd Eye | Ajna | Pink/Lilac

Your Bliss - Crown | Sahasrara | White/Purple


Buy all 6 balancing blends for £30, saving £12 on indiviudal prices.  Add any 6 oils to your basket followed by OilOffer coupon to take advantage of this discount.  


We love our blends and like to choose different ones depending on our mood and needs. 



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