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We provide advice to live a holistic lifestyle.  Please ensure you seek medical support when needed. 

We adore this lavender eye pillow designed by Lynne @LyonsMadeWithLove. 


Using the "White Branches" logo material, Lynne lovingly creates insert slips before she adds beautiful English lavender and wheat to the pillows.  Adorned by an outer case and her own handmade label, we pillow is a wonderful addition to any yogis toolkit. 


Relax and unwind in Shavasana or simply use if feelig a little low or before bed time to ease any tension. 


Why not add the beautiful handmade Eye Mask to your collection to encourage inward asana practice or support Easy Pose meditation?


We love this lavender eye pillow for travel too and a simple spritz of Energy Spray gives it a boost of fragrance.  With the easy to remove and wash slip, this pillow is a must for those seeking a relaxing time. 




Suzanne & Lynne

White Branches Lavender Eye Pillow