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An example of a bespoke crystal grid to bring blessings and abundance to a new hair salon. 


With crystals to focus on the throat chakra to encourage honest coversations and talking only when necessary, this crystal grid is made up of the following: -


Crystal Grid Key – Name | Chakra | Aim

A Blue Obsidian | Throat | Communications

B Opalite | Third Eye | Increase Power

C Magnesite | Crown | Deep Peace

D Clear Quartz | Master Crystal | Balance All

E Zebra Jasper | Root | Grounding / Calming

F Hematite |Root | Protection

G Pyrite | Solar Plexus | Relationships


The grid is housed in a white deep frame and adourned with a miniture white seated Buddha. 


For bespoke orders please complete the details for your design and we'll have a chat about your requirements.




Crystal Bespoke Grid - Throat "Vishuddha" Chakra