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We provide advice to live a holistic lifestyle.  Please ensure you seek medical support when needed. 

This playful grid balances the Ying and Yang to heighten intuition and increase creativity with protection and balance of calm.  Ideal for those who over analyse, need to strengthen family bonds and grounding.


What is a Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid combines the power of multiple crystals to build an energetic map that can guide us in the direction of our goals and create real and tangible changes in our lives.   I have lovingly created by hand this Canvas Crystal Grid ready for your personal affirmation. Please see below details of your grid and what your next steps are.


What Your Crystals Mean

Focus Crystal (F) – “Aim of Goal” – I have chosen Dalmatian Jasper to promote positivity and lead balance to the Ying and Yang.

Way Crystals (W) – “Pathway to your Goal” – I have chosen a Pyrite (“fools gold”) for protection of physical and emotional wellbeing.

Desire Crystals (D) – “Desire to get to Goal” – I have chosen Hematite (A) to promote calmness and Blood Stone (B) to heighten intuition and increase creativity.  

Precious Gifts are a White Feather from your Angel Guides who bring you wisdom and insight and a Sprig of Wheat representing the cycle of life.  


Cleanse – you can cleanse your Crystal Grid in two ways (1) light the bottom of your enclosed incense stick and gently drift the smoke over the Crystal Grid for 10-15 seconds, blow your smudge stick out (or dampen) and keep for future cleansing; or (2) place your hands over the Crystal Grid, take a breath, close your eyes and imagine a bright white light radiating from your hand and say out loud “These crystals are cleansed and released of all lower energies.  They are recharged with their natural properties, and are ready to be used in divine healing now”.


Affirmation - Write your affirmation on the card provided and lie it underneath your canvas so your Crystals can do their work. You may want to add other personal items such as a photograph of a loved one, simple fresh flowers, herbs or foliage (lie over stones and leave to dry) or other personal items such as jewellery or keepsakes.


Activate - Find a place to put your grid where it won’t be disturbed but you can see it and leave for 40 days.  After 40 days you may wish to remove any additional items and hang on your wall or re-create another affirmation and begin the 40 day cycle again.


Enjoy your grid and all that it can bring to you.




Crystal Grid - The Ying & Yang