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Working hOMe

I have worked from hOMe now for almost 3 years in my substantive role as a Talent Executive Assistant at Sage. I love my job, working from home and am blessed at the benefits Sage provide to me and my colleagues.

During these difficult times, our leaders at Sage have regularly updated us and supported us outstandingly. As a global business we have come together as one more than ever.

I have noticed some of my colleagues, and my friends, have struggled to come to terms with working at hOMe so here are some of my positives, suggestions and personal rules.


  • There is no commute

  • Can change working patterns to suit the business

  • Can give 100% focus without distractions

  • I can manage my intermittent back pain

  • I am able to relax more and manage my chronic condition, Endometriosis

Here's how I cultivated a great hOMe working routine and how it works for me

My Morning

  • My alarm goes off at 5am, up, showered and ready by 530am

  • My yoga mat awaits where I will do at least 30 minutes of yoga sometimes more.

  • After my yoga practice I either meditate or set an intention for the day

  • From around 615am I prepare my meals for the day

  • I do any housework that is required

  • I set time aside for any personal business, bill paying, contacting family/friends

  • My bullet journal is updated with personal tasks and "to-do's"

  • I love to journal and spend this time over coffee writing my thoughts and ideas

My Office

  • I have a dedicated room for my office

  • My desk is set up with two monitors, laptop docking station, ergo chair

  • It is always clean and tidy with the tools I need to support me

  • I have a comfortable chair with foot rest where I sit to read or chat to colleagues on video

  • I stand up when I make telephone calls

  • On the wall to my left is a huge old fashioned map of the world with pins showing where I have traveled

  • In front of me, on the wall, is a huge gold and cream canvas of Buddha

My Work

  • Log on to Outlook emails by 830am

  • Check my diary for meetings

  • Plan my day

  • Pop emails into categories (i.e. Action, Interview, Meeting, Read, Admin)

  • Action any urgent emails in the "Action" category

  • Once read all "Action" emails, pop in a different category or archive

  • Log on to MS Teams and say hello to my Manager

  • Always pop "video" on when having calls with colleagues

  • Set tasks aside for the day and pop each task into my diary - this includes anything to read, prep for or plan

I've always had a very diligent work ethic so with that in mind I have no distractions whilst I work

Here are some of my rules I stick to religiously.

  • No TV or radio at all during the day

  • Relaxing / uplifting music on a Friday

  • No visitors allowed - my friends and family used to "pop in" and were told politely not to

  • Delivery drivers know they cannot leave parcels for neighbours unless calling between 1pm and 2pm

  • Always break at 10am for 15 minutes and do something energetic (quick walk, run up and down the stairs, 10 min yoga stretch)

  • Lunch time is always at 1pm ensuring I eat healthy and mindfully - no social media or any distraction

  • Fresh bottle of water + glass on my desk every morning to sip on throughout the day

  • Coffee only allowed until 12pm, then herbal teas - fave is Ringtons Berry & Elderflower

  • No snacks in the afternoon - it makes me sleepy (unless I have a stock of Yoga Treat, my recipe)

  • Summer months ensure 20 minute brisk walk daily after lunch

  • Winter months a 20 minute energetic yoga practice before lunch


You may have noticed how I've typed the word "hOMe". I am sure you are familiar with the Sanskrit word OM that is used more often than not. But do you know what it actually means? During my 500 hours Yoga studying, a whole module was dedicated to OM.

There are four parts to OM representing the cycle that everything must pass through. You actually say OM like "ahh-ooo-mmm".

  1. ‘ah’, represents creation or birth

  2. ‘ooo’, symbolises sustenance or life

  3. ‘mmm’, represents destruction or death

  4. silence - considered the most important and represents the complete resolution of the previous three parts. In yogic terms this resolution could be described as oneness, enlightenment, or simply yoga. It is customary to begin and end yoga classes with the sound of OM.

Come and join me and let's globally chant OM

Power of Sound

The power of sound and morning mantra is something that has healed me through times of difficulty. Check out this mantra Best Morning Meditation Mantra and let's all feel the wonderful energy of OM. If you're looking for something a bit different, try out my playlist on Spotify - Yoga Class. I find the harmonies, words and melodies from Peter and Snatam so uplifting and provoking.

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