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Water Day

On 22 March it is National Water Day

Did you know that millions of litres of water is wasted in the UK every year?

With a few simple changes, you can cut water usage drastically and ensure there's enough for future generations.

In the UK, the demand for water is growing at roughly 1% per year with an average person using 150 litres of water per day. We have less water per person available for than most other European countries and on average 58 bathtubs of water are used per person everyday to make the products we buy and the food we eat.

So what can you do?

I don't have a bath in my home and whilst there are occasions when I miss it, I don't miss the idea of wasting all of that water just to wash my body. A typical bath uses around 100 litres of water, which is almost 3 times as much as a shower. If you like a bath, try filling it up a little less or add some more bubble bath so the water feels deeper than it is.

You can also purchase a water saving shower head that will help to use less water with little noticeable difference to performance. Many showers adjust to the flow rate settings as long as you avoid running at the highest power. By reducing the amount spent in the shower by 4 minutes per day you can save up to 3000 gallons of water per year!

About a third of all water usage in households comes from the toilet so the perfect place to start saving water. One of the biggest culprits of toilet water usage is old cisterns with high flush capacity. Upgrading to a dual flush will lead to much great water savings.

Take some time to consider how you use water and what role you could play in using less.

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