The Smile

Me in 2008 aged 36. I was 6 months into living alone after my marriage failed. I slapped this smile on my face wherever I went because it was easier to tell everyone I was okay. I wasn't.

My heart was breaking and I felt like a complete failure. My body failed me. I couldn't conceive a child. My marriage failed. I no longer had my best friend who'd been with me through years of pain and trauma. I felt so alone but I couldn't continue with the marriage. It was suffocating me.

Through years of peeling away the layers, finding out who I was I healed myself.

I started with reflexology, I studied during lunch breaks and at weekends and became a reflexologist. You can check out my blog Reflexology Benefits and my personal story Why My Feet, that explains why I love feet so much!

I discovered reiki and over time, became a reiki master. Now proficient in Usui Reiki, a wonderful gentle hands-on energetic healing to re-balance your body, mind and soul. I then studied the power of Karuna Reiki®, a deeper healing for those suffering emotional trauma. Check out my blog Reiki Styles.

I found personal counselling were amazing and allowed me to literally say what I felt without being judged. The power this gave me. The release of the tension and trauma I was feeling, encouraged me to study Advanced Life Coaching and I realised I had a gift of offering this support to others.

It all came together, when I decided to train as a yoga teacher. Having practiced for over 12 years, I became a 500 hours Registered Teacher Trainer. I spent 12 months studying most evenings and every weekend. It was challenging, frustrating, intriguing and uplifting and life-changing.

These wonderful modalities, along with other training including crystal therapy, earth angel healing, meditation, core strength vinyasa yoga, yoga medicine, how to combat type 2 diabetes and not to mention the 100's of hours I have committed towards creating, managing and updating my own website and social media, brings White Branches.

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