Techniques to Release Your Creative Genius

You have a powerful imagination even if you don’t realize it. Your brain is able to generate some great ideas. While your imagination is always available, it’s not always at its best. It’s important to use it and feed it to keep it sharp. With a little work, your imagination will serve you well.

Try these techniques to release your creative genius

Spend Time Alone

The most creative people also tend to be those who spend the most time alone. Your imagination can run free when you’re alone. People are distracting.

Set Aside Time

Creativity and your imagination go hand in hand. Set aside some time each day to be creative. Your imagination will benefit, too.

Take Time to Visualise

Practice visualising each day. Visualise things you know. Visualise things that don’t exist. Really stretch your ability to see things in your mind.

Here are two exercises to get you started:

  1. Close your eyes and imagine a piece of fruit in your hand. Describe in detail what it looks like, how it feels in your hand, and how it smells. Now, take a bite and describe the taste.

  2. Visualise yourself in a pleasant environment, perhaps the beach. Now fully imagine how the experience is. What do you see, hear, smell, and feel? How real does it feel to you?

Daydream Every Day

Allow your creativity to run wild. Daydream for at least a few minutes each day. Just see where your imagination takes you.

Withhold Judgement

Judgment blocks creativity. If you fear being judged, your ability to imagine and create is greatly stifled. The surest way to worry about other people judging you is to be judgmental of others. Meet New People

Meeting new people will lead to new thoughts and ideas and you'll connect with like minded souls and feel the energy rise in you.

Using your imagination regularly will improve its performance and ability to communicate with you. Your imagination is a tool that’s too powerful to waste. Start using it today!

Image by Thought Catalog


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