Stuck Indoors? Tips for a Great Way to Exercise at Home

This is definitely the time of year when your body resists getting out of bed the most. And it’s certainly the time when outdoor exercise appears on the bottom of your “To Do” list.

But who ever said you would have to venture outside to get your fitness fix?

Getting a fully satisfying workout is possible even when you’re stuck indoors. All it takes is a little creativity and drive to keep up with your fitness regimen.

Consider these great ways to stay fit until it’s warm enough to go outside:

Get Creative with Chores

Household chores are actually helpful when it comes to burning calories. Consider cleaning the bathroom, sprucing the windows and running the vacuum over your home for around 90 minutes. You'll burn over 400 calories!

Use your home to your advantage

Your stairs are an excellent exercise tool. Start running up and down those steps for the ultimate workout.

Sacred Space

Why not start creating a sacred space? Even if you haven't much room in your home you could buy a handy storage box and gather a candle, incense, crystals, eye mask/pillow, and comfy socks. Keep them close to where you keep your yoga mat and other equipment and create your Sacred Space just before you roll out the mat for your practice of asana or meditation.

If you want to achieve consistency with your fitness efforts, the last thing you should think about is taking a break from exercise because of the weather. Get all the exercise you need indoors without feeling like a slave to the workout!

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