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Sound World

The World is Sound, translated from Sanskrit, "Nada Brahma". Sound has played an enormous role in my own holistic well-being. From uplifting music, guided meditation, wind chimes, healing bowls to the beautiful sounds of nature to the best of all - SILENCE.

As Julian covers in his TED Talk - Shh! Sound Health in 8 Steps

Your ears are ALWAYS ON and they aren't for hearing, they are for listening. Listening is a skill. Here are the 8 key ways to heal with sound as covered in Julian's talk.

1. Ultrasound

2. Lithotripsy

3. Sound Healing

4. Music

5. Listening

6. Creation

7. Connecting

8. Caring

Enjoy the noise of the wind. The trickle of water. The song of the birds.

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