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I never thought I'd get to see this amazing wonder and when I did all I kept muttering was "Wow" The Taj Mahal is truly spectacular. The fog was low. It was cold. There was little sun. The brightness, the sparkle, the magic that came from this building was breathtaking.

What you don't see is the poverty to the right, left, behind and in front.

We had to run through many beggars to gain entry.

We had to stand in separate queues to gain entry - Foreigner Female, Foreigner Male(!) .

I chatted with a young girl (about 15) from Texas who, to me, was Indian. She'd never been to India in her life and she said she felt more foreign than probably I did. She didn't understand the language. She was American. She told me she was visiting her Grandparents, whom she'd never met before. They spoke little English and she told me she felt so alone. I could feel pain in her voice as she talked. It was almost as if she didn't know where she belonged.

Her sorrow raised questions for me. When I grew up I had a wonderful childhood.

For some this is not the case and this effects our roots, our home life and our base, all of which is paramount when growing up to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

When we feel out of balance with our root chakra we need to concentrate on our root, our muladhara chakra. Spend time in standing postures, for me I love the warrior series. I love to press my feet into the mat and feel the earth beneath me.

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