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Newsletter February 2020

Click HERE to access our first Newsletter of 2020 if you missed it land in your in-box.

We cover the soft launch of our Caterpillar Library. We're creating a platform to include all things holistic for FREE. If you haven't signed up, join us HERE.

We also cover book reviews, New Year affirmations, crystal grids and an overview of yoga newbies.

We've also started to feature other bloggers on our newsletters so if you have a blog, new or established and would like to appear, drop us an email at info@whitebranches.co.uk about why you should be added and we'll pop you on the list.

Not sure about you, but I've found this January really tough. I'm going to cover some of what I've dealt with in a blog post next month. Look out for it!



If you haven't yet joined our Caterpillar Library do so HERE. A collection of free advice via video, downloads, audio and more on all things holistic.

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