Is it the Moon?

I'm not normally one to feel so down in January, but this year really through me.

I had a wonderful holiday in Thailand over Christmas (and my Birthday, same day!) and New Year. I also managed to travel there and back without any back pain. It was also a wonderful surprise to be upgraded to Business Class on the flight home! thank you Emirates.

Normally when I feel like this I "blame" it on the Moon! I'm sure it isn't actually the Moon's "fault" he (she?) is only doing the job they are meant to do; causing the rise and falls of the tides. I'm never good with water, to be fair.

"So, what's been wrong with you?", I hear you ask.

To be honest, I have no idea. Well, other than this persistent annoying back pain. Arrrrrrrrrgh. Another story I shall share with you soon.

I usually rise at 545am, shower, yoga, coffee, plan my day, eat three healthy meals, bed by 1030pm, sleep well.

Me in January

Alarm goes off at 530am. At 730am I am STILL IN BED on my damn smartphone. I shower and think "the hair can last another day". I don't even venture to the yoga studio. I mooch about. Moaning that the dishes aren't washed from the night before.

I start my day job (yes, I have a full time job other than White Branches!). I do my job well; always diligent.

But, then comes the evening. Sign off. TV. Dinner (Something terrible. It makes me wince to tell you - like fish fingers [yawn] or pasta....with garlic bread; jeez!).

More TV. I lounge about, restless. I keep telling myself to "go and do yoga". I don't. I stay up, watching Netflix box sets, back to back.

11pm, comes and goes. It's way after midnight when I go to bed. I sleep (soundly to be fair). 530am, the alarm goes 730am I am STILL IN BED....and the cycle continued every day in January.

On Saturday 1 February, I woke at 5am. I got up. I got showered. I did a whole one hour yoga class. I made a curry. I tidied the kitchen. I washed the floors. I hoovered. And so it began. My diet became healthy again as I enjoyed my kitchen. I looked forward to the yoga studio and whatever it might bring to my morning practice.

What is quite interesting about this story is that mid-way through January I would mentally say to myself "When February comes this is going to stop". And so it did.

So, as a yoga teacher and holistic therapist, I too fall by the wayside and loose my way!

Was it the Moon? maybe. Or, was it simply January. The darkness. The cold.

I'd had such a relaxing holiday filled with lots of fun, relaxation, great simply cooked food, daily yoga and reflexology. Maybe, it was just getting back to "normal" [whatever normal means], and how difficult that can be.

If you've struggled with routine, join White Branches and the rest of the tribe who also fall by the wayside from time to time. We are only only human and external factors play a huge part in how we mentally react to situations. However, if you know ways to change your mindset and bring yourself back [to normal], the benefits are wonderful.

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