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Intention Setting

Benefits of Intention Setting

  1. Keeps us grounded in the "NOW!

  2. Cultivates positive attitude.

  3. Focuses emotions to be present.

  4. Removes any feelings of self doubt.

  5. Raises emotional energy.

  6. Provides motivation and purpose to our life.

  7. Helps to achieve goals.

At the end of your yoga practice, sit cross legged after your guided or silent savasana. Palms to prayer and silently consider your daily intention. For example...

"For today I will be kind to those I meet and more importantly myself"

"For today I will take things slower and consider my tasks with intent"

"For today I will reach out to my friend [say the name] as we have not connected in a while"

"For today I will look into [think of something you wish to do] and will plan my next steps"

If you keep a journal, maybe write in your intention for that day or keep the same intention for a 7 day period, and jot down any notes that come to mind as the day / week progresses.


If you have a desire to achieve something big in your life and you are unclear how you will create this to happen. Create passwords that you will use daily on your laptop, smartphone or other media device. For example "TravelTheWorld2021". By regularly keying this you are manifesting your dreams to come true.

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