How to Embrace Holistic Living

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Living a holistic lifestyle to gain your personal power and take control over your body is a wonderful way to understand what your soul desires encouraging a pain free, relaxed and content life.

Understanding the meaning of your body, nutrition and lifestyle is key to living holistically and by actively finding your voice to live your true self you can embrace health and wellness.

The power of holistic treatments such as reflexology, reiki, meditation, mindfulness, and yoga can ultimately transform lives to bring a connection between your mind, body and soul.

The Sanskrit translation of yoga means “union” – a union between your mind, body and soul and we can embrace this way of living on and off the yoga mat. To live life “off the yoga mat” encourages us to live authentically, meaningfully and with ease in this fast-paced social world.

It isn’t easy. To live a life differently to family, friends and work colleagues can be extremely challenging. To discover simple communication methods and build up a toolbox of your own go-to-support can be uplifting, rewarding and have outstanding results.

Some areas of holistic living may not be for you, but others may be uplifting and life changing. Be open minded. Take time to understand the topic you are considering and above all be patient. Holistic living is not a quick fix – it is a completely new way of life.

Take a long slow deep breath in through the nose, hold for a count of 3 and release the breath through the nose slowly. You've now started your holistic journey. Enjoy every moment and allow me to guide you and share with you what I've learnt during my 20 year journey.


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Namaste my friend, Suzanne

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