How the Power of Scent Creates Wellness in our Mind, Body and Soul

Fragrances can be extremely powerful in creating your mood and even change your behaviour.

Endorphins are chemicals produced naturally by our nervous system and help us to cope with pain and stress. You may have heard of "feel good" chemicals - that is endorphins. The name endorphin comes from the words “endogenous,” which means “from the body,” and “morphine,” which is an opioid pain reliever.

Certain fragrances can alter our mood and encourage the release of these built in "drugs" to make us feel good.

There are so many options to choose from incense, candles, essential oils, fruit. Here are some of my top scents and the reason why.

Neroli oil has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation. A great source for shower wash, soap, moisturiser if you are struggling with monthly period pain or just general aches and pains.

Lavender oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and can also help with minor burns and bites. I have found lavender very good for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression and restlessness. Go easy though. Too much can actually stimulate rather than relax. I like my fresh lavender dried in eye pillows for a truly relaxing meditation when lying down.

Rose oil has a variety of benefits for your skin and when I hit the menopause I struggled the change from oil to dry skin. Rose really helps with the dryness, redness and inflammation.

Jasmine oil has a sedative quality and can really help as an antidepressant. Add a few drops into a bath or on a sponge in the shower and breath in the aroma. I absolutely adore the smell of jasmine oil.

All scents are unique to you. So go ahead and try a few. Experiment with a few different ones and maybe create your own blend using a carrier oil - simple olive oil in the cupboard will do. Remember to store in a dark glass bottle so the essential oil doesn't lose its scent through any daylight.

I'd love to hear from you if you've experimented with essential oils. Drop your response in the comments below and if you haven't signed up to join our wellness tribe yet you can do so HERE.

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