Home Mindset

Seven easy ways to get the best out of working from home and stick to a plan.

  1. Set alarm the same time you would if you had to commute.

  2. Do the same routine that you would if you were going to your place of work.

  3. Be presentable; you never know who might knock on your door or if a very important video call occurs.

  4. Create structure around your day - visit the "water cooler", pop for "coffee" - even if that is just to the kitchen.

  5. Use the extra time wisely; go for a walk, run up the stairs, hang out the washing, pick a chore you'd do on a weekend.

  6. Keep your work place tidy and clean.

  7. Finish your day as normally, pack up, tidy up and "commute"; walk around the block and come "home".

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