Easy Journaling

Why journaling doesn't have to be writing and how you can create fun memories.

We all still have those funny moments where we collect "things".

A special card from a loved one

A fancy coin from holiday

Pretty paper from a gift

Ribbon that adorned wrapping

The list is endless.

And then there's pencils and pens.

Drawing can be fun and thought provoking.

Who cares if you can't draw?

Start with simple hearts, flowers, aztec squares interlaced between circles and triangles.

Pop all of these memories, thoughts, ideas and plans into your journal and create magical memories.

It is so wonderful to take ourselves back to childhood when we made cards, calendars, pictures for the fridge and as we grew woodwork, pottery and more! Re-visit your childhood and just get creative.

Our "Power Branches" (the orange one), known in Sanskrit as Svadhisthana (pronounced as Sva-dee-stannah) is located below the navel in the lower abdomen. It is your holistic pathway of connection to yourself and others.

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