Crystal Seasons

I love the seasons. Although times have changed and we don't often see so much of a change, I adore how the trees change colour more than anything.

Here's my take on trees, what they bring each season and my crystal grid creations for The Attic at White Branches. I created these beautiful crystal grids to showcase the Seasons and bring a sense of the trees into the studio from the outdoors in.

When they are green, leafy and full of life I love how they create canopies over roads and you get those square shapes from buses or lorries. When driving in a car your eyes trick you as you "blink" as the sunshine beams through the gaps in the branches.

And then, something magical happens. The colours change from hues of green to yellow, orange, red, brown and I have to say this is when I just smile A LOT. The colours are so vibrant and akin with our base chakras - our base, our power and our re-start. As they connect to the branches and allow the sunlight to beam, they form beautiful glowing colours and patterns. I once saw a leaf fall from its branch and I was both excited and sad at the same time. Have you ever actually seen a leaf fall? I was staring up into the sunlight to warm my face and for some reason was drawn to a particular leaf and then it happened. It fell. It was as if it was coming to see me as it gently swayed through the sky. But then it landed. With the others to disintegrate and become nothing. That made me sad.

Now moving on to when the leaves have fallen and the branches are bare. I adore the intricate shapes they create on the skyline. The detail of the bark is now clearly shown and they stand proud, their "arms" outstretched up to the sun, the moon and ready to start over.

As the warmth arrives and buds appear the trees start to take on a gentle relaxed form, like a mother holding a newborn. Each day sees a new bud, a new leaf forming until one day, they're back. The whole tree is covered in these beautiful shapes to create shade for our sunny days, a canopy to protect from a rain shower and to show us how wonderful they are with nothing but themselves, the earth, the sun, the moon, air and water to create a wonderful cycle of sheer perfection.

White Branches Crystal Grids

Summer - An English Garden
The summer grid above focuses the colours of green, pink and lilac. I wanted to replicate the idea of a British country garden during the summer months. Bringing in the elements of lush green grass, English lavender and roses, gently surrounded by daisies and clover. The central crystal is a pink howlite, a calming stone good for communication and expression. Surrounded with raw amethyst for protection and purification. Embracing the grid are a mixture of green and pink amethyst to heal the heart.
Autumn - Fallen Leaves
The autumn grid's focus stone is Orange Selenite. I'm not usually one for the colour orange, however lately have embraced the colour to support my healing of the solar plexus (my inner power). This crystal supports emotional health and vitality. Tigers Eye (top right and left) is a powerful stone to help release fear and anxiety and aids harmony and balance.
Winter - Ice Cold Crystals
I adore this grid embracing the Winter season. The central crystal, a moonstone heart was purchased in my hometown of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK at a flee market. As you move the grid the rainbow colours become evident. Moonstone is a stone for inner growth and strength soothing emotional instability and stress providing calmness. This beautiful crystal used to lie under my pillow when it slept. After time, each morning it would end up on the floor. A sign, that she is no longer needed and her work was done. The grid is embraced with smokey quartz, raw quartz points, clear quartz, polished and raw amethyst. A beautiful collection of energetic abundance. To me, the soft colours, a mixture of coolness and sharpness, embrace foggy, icy and snowy British days.
Spring - New Beginnings
And finally we have our Spring grid. A collection of gentle yellows (daffodils), soft greens (new leaves) and clear blues (cloudy skies). Our focus crystal is raw yellow Citrine surrounded with clear quartz. Just like the new leaves, grass and growth, Citrine imparts joy, wonder, delight and enthusiasm. It raises self-esteem and self-confidence. The four stones surrounding the Citrine (brown/stripe) are polished Chrysotile; known for it's healing properties to promote honesty and sincerity. I purchased the pale blue crystal from a market in Spain - a beautiful turquoise that helps with exhaustion and promotes creativity.

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Thank you for reading, Namaste


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