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Crystal Grids

For a few years now I have been making crystal grids. Mainly to sell or as gifts. I'm super proud of the one shown above. I made this for my Sister as a 40th Birthday present with her health in mind. My Sister, Rachel, is a hairdresser and she runs her own business from her home in a beautiful "She-Shed" in her garden. She's aptly called it "The Garden Room", located in Killingworth Village, NE12, you can follower her HERE on Facebook.

Whilst I chose the crystals for their natural colouring, and I knew Rachel would want something with little colour, each with their own healing properties are perfect for a hairdresser. Ultimately they talk a lot(!), listen even more(!) and are standing for hours on end. So here's the list in more detail.

And here it is in the Salon

I became a little obsessed with my crystal fascination after attending a crystal workshop and have since hunted them out during my travels in the UK and abroad. My collection grew that much I realised they weren't being shown to their best. I created a collection of those to keep for crystal therapy treatments and those to make grids.

I've recently made 4 crystals grids for The Attic Yoga Studio - read all about them HERE.

Thank you for reading, Namaste


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