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Conscious Listening

Let's implement a world of connection, understanding and peace.

More than ever before as a global nation we're communicating more. Over the last few weeks, I've spoken to many different people, ordinarily I would probably never have done so in a verbal capacity.

But how are we tailoring our new found communications to our listening skills?

Are we even really listening?

There is so much "chatter" in our brains and we're all trying to have our voice heard whilst we ponder over the global crisis.

In the TED video by Julian Treasure (link below), he outlines five exercises for Unconscious Listening.

1. Silence

2. The Mixer

3. Savoring

4. Hidden Choir

5. Positions

The Sanskrit word for "essence" is RASA. A wonderful acronym created by Julian

R - receive

A - appreciate

S - summarise

A - ask

In our current world of disconnect, let's connect through the power of listening. Let your voice be heard. BUT, Stop. Breathe, LISTEN. Really listen. Feel the words. Feel the melody. Feel the flow.

Check out the TED talk HERE

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