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Chakras and Shushumnah

There's so much more to us than bones, flesh, muscle and organs.

Chakra "Spinning Wheel" and our Shushumnah "Central Channel" is the connection between our body and soul. It is what feeds our emotions allowing us, for example, to be happy, sad, well and unwell.

By understanding these energy centres in our subtle body, we can embrace a vibrant and connected lifestyle.

We have seven main chakras in the body as shown in this picture. These swirling wheels of energy, once open and spinning, keep us aligned and fluid. If there is a blockage, energy cannot flow freely, becoming stuck and dormant.

Chakras of Matter

The first three chakras starting at the base of the spine are often indicated as "chakras of matter". They are the physical chakras that connect us to every day life.

Root "Muladhara" depicted with the colour red is our stability, security and basic needs. If you lost your home or job you may feel pain in your feet, legs, lower back.

Sacrum "Svadhisthana" linked to the colour orange is our creativity and sexual centre. Located above the pubic bone, below the naval this area is responsible for our creative side. Writers who suffer "writers block" may experience an upset stomach or those who have a "gut feeling" will experience a shift in the body here.

Solar Plexus "Mainupura" reflects our personal power and is located between the naval and breastbone. Wearing the colour yellow to an interview can promote calm and focus.

Our Bridge

Between our bodies and our spirit we have our bridge - the connector between the "Matter" and "Spirit", our Heart Chakra "Anahata". Anahata unites the upper and lower chakras and is our source of love and connection. The heart chakra is often linked to both green and pink and allows us to love ourselves and others with compassion.

Chakras of the Spirit

As we move up the body, we move to the Chakras of the Spirit - Throat, Third Eye and Crown.

Throat "Vishuddha", the blue chakra, is located in the throat area and governs our communications. It is gives us the ability to speak our highest truth and encourages us to listen. If we regularly suffer from a sore throat, we may have something we need to say but struggle to find the words or the best time to do it.

Third Eye "Ajna" is located between the eyebrows and is our centre for intuition. It allows us to "see" and those who meditate regular will connect with their "third eye" in a purple light.

Our final chakra, Crown "Sahasara" translates as "thousand petal lotus" and as the picture below shows, this seated posture, is the one we take in meditation, "lotus pose". This chakra of enlightenment and spiritual connection is located at the top of the head. We often refer to "white light" or deep purple/pink for this chakra colour.

There are various holistic ways to balance the chakras from massage, walking at the beach or countryside, colour therapy, crystals, yoga, meditation and more.

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