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Chakra Wardrobe

In an ever busy and changing world that we live in, have you ever considered a "Chakra Wardrobe"? This idea came to me a few years ago when I was sick of trying to figure out what to wear. Our moods change daily and with that in mind, I came up with this idea.

If you walk into a high street or boutique clothing store we're all familiar with the thought-out process of clothing placement. If you've never noticed this before, the next time you're off browsing for clothes take a peep. However, if like me you shop on line, you may still notice the carefully placed products and colour themes when a marketing campaign is being shared.

So, here's my theory. Colour is key to our mood and how it can effect our day. My whole wardrobe is sorted into colours! It has literally changed my life in matching my outfit with my mood.

Let's say you are due to give a speech at work or you know you have a meeting and are worried about a challenging conversation; the colour blue is a must. Our throat chakra colour will prompt us to be clear and consistent in our delivery but also to pause, breath and listen.

If you have an interview, go for yellow.... "WHaaaaaaT?" I hear you say. I know, it isn't exactly my go-to colour either. BUT - yellow is cream right? a nice cream shirt rather than white. Or yellow bra? knickers? or even a nice dark shirt or top with a dainty yellow flower. Yellow is the colour for courage and will provide a sunny boost to your appointment.

Here's a lo-down on some of the colours and connections. Once you join our Holistic Library, Caterpillar, you'll also have access to a full range of tips and tools on implementing colour into your life in every way.

  • Black / Grey > root (see red / although grey can also come under white)

  • Red / Fuscia > connecting with your roots to family and work life

  • Orange / Peach > inner power and connection to water

  • Yellow / Cream > you re-start button and connection to fire

  • Green / Turquoise > your bridge to both lower and upper worlds and connection to air

  • Blue / Navy > your truth and communications and connecting with the ether (upper regions beyond the clouds)

  • Pink / Baby Pink > your awakening and connection to the light

  • Purple / Lilac / White > your bliss and connection to your willpower

Here's a sneaky peak at my wardrobe. And yes, that is a little Buddha sticker just to give me a polite reminder each morning to be kind to others and myself in whatever comes my way.

If you haven't yet joined our Caterpillar Library do so HERE. A collection of free advice via video, downloads, audio and more on all things holistic. Thank you for reading, Namaste, Suzanne