Bit Weird

Have you ever been told you're a bit weird? People have often told me I'm weird. It used to irritate me. Now I love it. I LOVE BEING WEIRD!

I share some of my WEIRDNESS with you.

I can't stand soft towels! I know, I know - I just love a really rough, scratchy towel.

Let me weed a garden any day of the week rather than plant flowers.

I love to prep for decorating but can't abide the actual transformation.

I never enjoy big group nights out - I escaped my own "hen" do early to go home for a brew!

I love the winter not the summer [leads me to my next one]

Love being cold not hot

I'm sure there are a lot more. I'll have a think and update when they come to me.

Have you thought about what your WEIRDNESS is? Has anyone close to you ever told you? Message me and share your WEIRDNESS with me!

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