7 Ways To Rejuvenate your Work Ethic this Spring

Spring brings the perfect opportunity to shake off your winter blues. Here are my top 7 ways to invite the passion of Spring into your work ethic in a mindful way.

Brighten Your Work Place

Check out Desenio for a great choice of wall art, buy a pretty plant and funky pot, add personal items to your desk and work area.

Stand Up

Improve your health and boost your energy levels. If you sit down at work take time to stand up and stretch. Feet hip width apart, arms reach up for the sky then slowly take a simple standing forward bend, let the head hang heavy with hands to the shins or floor. Take a bend in the knees whilst you're there and maybe move side to side. Feel that wonderful release in your spine. Update Your Look

When you look better, you feel better. Treat yourself to a hair cut/colour, a new outfit, a spa day, or simply try a home manicure with a funky nail polish or purchase simple accessories. Banish Clutter

Give yourself more breathing room. Use spring cleaning as an opportunity to discard things you rarely use. List them for sale online or donate them to a charity shop.

Unleash Your Creativity

Make time for creative pursuits. Be simple. There's no need to spend a fortune. Visit a free gallery at lunch time. Go to a park you've never been to before and take notice of your surroundings. Creativity doesn't have to mean "make something". It's about opening your brain and mind to new possibilities.

Learn a New Skill

Check out the White Branches Programs page HERE There are many on-line courses to tap into these days. Try Udemy for a wide variety of topics.

Reconnect with Former Colleagues

If you’re feeling more energetic now that the days are getting longer, use that time connect with colleagues and arrange a walk in the park at lunch time or dinner after hours.

The Spring season is the perfect time to welcome more passion into every aspect of your life.


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