4 Ways to Maximizing your Health when Owning a Dog

It's "Love Your Pet Day" on the Sunday 20th February! #LoveYourPetDay

Bringing Bonnie (right) and Heidi (left) into my life when I suffered severe depression was the best thing I could ever have done!

Here's my 5 Top Tips on why your health dramatically changes when you have a dog.

  1. Dogs are great way to reduce stress. Petting an animal tends to lower your blood pressure and decrease the levels of stress hormones in your bloodstream. That lowers your risk for many conditions, including inflammation and heart disease.

  2. Exercise daily is necessary and like me If you ever had trouble finding the motivation to go to for a walk regularly, dogs will help you stay active. I look forward to my morning walk as much as they do as it sets me up for the day.

  3. Lifting your spirits whilst interacting with friendly animals dramatically increases natural substances in your body like oxytocin that helps you to feel good. Unconditional love can be difficult to find, but your dog has loads to share.

  4. Meeting local people through your dog is a great way to find common friendships with neighbours. This took me out of my comfort zone as I'm not one to usually chat with strangers but I've met some wonderful people in my village during my dog walking.

You may prefer cats, rabbits, fish or snakes! whatever your choice of pet you will find a wonderful sense of connection with them.

Sunday 20 February, Love Your Pet Day #LoveYourPetDay


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