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Christmas Birthday

My Birthday falls on the 25th December. It's been somewhat irritating most of my life.

As a child my younger siblings waited to open Santa Claus' deliveries whilst I opened carefully wrapped birthday paper. My poor Brother and Sister; it makes me sad their excitement was delayed due to my birth.

I've never really been into "presents". I like being with like minded people, taking a walk on a beach, wrapping up warm for a walk in the woods or simply eating a home cooked meal.

Being present. Enjoying nature. A feeling of belonging.

All my life I've been in pain from illness or major injury so to be in the company of others or just me, with no pain, is the best gift I could ever receive.

If you are related to, or friends with those who celebrate their birth in December here's a few tips!

  • Buy a card in September or sooner. Colours are variant without being in a Christmas theme and there's a whole lot more choice!

  • NEVER wrap a December birthday present in Christmas paper.

  • NEVER buy 1 gift and say its for Christmas and Birthday; choose one celebration and say you aren't gifting for the other.

  • Whatever you do for others at their time of celebration do the same, i.e. text, WhatsApp, Messenger or throwing a party.

I was 40 when I had my first birthday party but I threw it in September! I knew it would be pointless planning it for December. It was a great success and I enjoyed every minute. Let's face it I'd waited long enough so knew what would be my perfect celebration.

Since then, 8 years later, I've never spent my Birthday in the UK. I've traveled to Kenya, India, Hong Kong and Thailand. There's no fuss. I wear shorts and t-shirt, eat street food, drink water and go to bed by 10pm. My perfect day.

No matter when your Birthday is, celebrate how you want to. Do what is right for you. That's what I do and it makes me happy.

Namaste from Thailand


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