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Christmas Quenchers

If like me, you no longer drink alcohol, during the Christmas period I sometimes enjoy a little treat other than a glass of water with my meal. Here are a few ideas you may want to try.

Lemon Love

2 x lemons

1 x medium cucumber

soda water

ice cubes

Puree the cucumber in a blender, add the juice of the lemon and shake well. Place ice cubes in a tall glass, pour over the mix and top with soda water. Top with a slice of cucumber and wedge of lemon.

Celebration Coconut

½ cup coconut water

tsp honey

½ inch grated ginger

juice of ½ lemon

sea salt & turmeric

Put all ingredients in a jar and shake it will until mixed. Sever in a shot glass with a slice of lemon.

Rosemary Rejoice

Sprig of rosemary

2 x orange wedges

1 x tsp pomegranate seeds

1 x stick of cinnamon

Soda Water

Put the orange and half of the rosemary into a tall glass. Muddle well then fill with ice. Top with soda water, stir and garnish with pomegranate, cinnamon and remaining rosemary.

Crazy Cranberry

1L of cranberry or mixed berry juice

2 x Cinnamon Sticks

10 x Cloves

Pop all ingredients into a saucepan or slow cooker. Allow to simmer (cook for 1 hour), strain and serve warm with a hot sweet mince pie or favourite chocolate.



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