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Autumn Leaves

The cool, damp, Autumn air can bring chills and colds, but the glorious colours of the season will warm the heart.

Instead of retreating indoors in the Autumn, make the most of the crisp and waning days. Autumn is an ideal time to take brisk walks and enjoy the countryside and autumnal colours.

Collect acorns, leaves, conkers and sprigs of holly to decorate your home for a free natural display in a vase, glass jug or by the fireside.

Autumn is my favourite month of all. I love to wrap up, wear a hat (I love hats!), pop a pair of gloves on and find a place where I can kick the deep leaves with my feet.

The Autumn colours of green, orange and red give us a sense of grounding and stability and connect to our heart, solar and root chakras.

Go for a walk, breathe in the wonderful air then kick off your shoes, roll out the mat and practice standing postures - forward fold, mountain pose or the warrior postures. Connect with the earth and feel rooted through your feet moving to your heart - the bridge between your body, mind and soul.

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