When IVF Fails

Seven ways to heal yourself when IVF Fails.

1. Don't blame yourself - be kind to yourself. The science behind getting pregnant, naturally or with intervention is, excuse the pun, "a miracle". Be gentle.

2. Don't tell everyone - sending out the negativity will only make you feel worse. In fact when I did my very first IVF (and my second!) I didn't even tell anyone I was going through it. Just be mindful of who you tell because some, just really do not understand what it means or how you are feeling.

3. Go out in nature - get as much fresh air as you can. Go for a walk. Create a new playlist specifically for this "time" in your life. Go somewhere quiet. Cry if you need to. Feel the sun, wind, rain, snow - whatever season it is. Embrace it.

4. Make a Plan - what next? repeat it again? really take some time to think about this. What events are coming up? My advice, do not let this get in the way of your "life". Take time out. Take time away from medicine. Let your body heal.

5. Heal Yourself - go for a massage. Reiki. Reflexology. Allow your body to relax and unwind. Gentle yoga. Meditation. Do not rush. Your body has been through an ordeal and it, and your mind, need to heal.

6. Talk to others - when I say "others", I mean those who totally get how this feels. Ladies who've felt just like you. Remember everyone's experience is different but it is good to share how you feel. If you're repeating the process you may feel totally different each time.

7. Go wild! - do things you couldn't have done if it had worked. Go get drunk. Eat soft cheese. Go dancing til 3am. Go wild on a trampoline. Lie in bed until 10am. Have a deep relaxing bubble bath. Watch a movie at noon. Allow your life to take control not the process of IVF.

IVF never worked for me. At the age of 32 I needed to cultivate a whole new lifestyle with the knowledge I'd never be a mother.

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