500 Hours

500 hours over 12 months didn't seem that long until I started my Registered Yoga Teacher Training. But, studying whilst holding down a full time job had it's challenges I can tell you. I had to be very disciplined about my evenings and weekends and utilising those times to pick up a book or watch a quick video on my phone were priceless.

I'm pretty good at planning but I have to say trying to find just under 42 hours per month of my time was life changing. I was mindful what other activities I planned and prepared a written agenda for the whole 12 months to keep me motivated.

My yogi student, Chloe, was my rock and never let me down. A true yogi for sure. Friends and family were always cheering me on even when the email response to a recently submitted exam was "you must try harder"!

I won't sugar coat it, there were times when I was so frustrated at understanding anatomy, or how to cue effectively, but, with the support and guidance of those around me I managed to keep on track and push myself.

I can't believe how much I have learned about the human body and it fascinates me now, every day, at how utterly amazing it is. I'm now sharing this knowledge with my students and they love it.

If someone had asked me early 2018 if I'd become a yoga teacher I'd have laughed. I only looked into it seriously after having attended a rather "disappointing" class at my local Community Centre. I am being diplomatic with the word disappointing! It pushed me into a whole new world I'd never thought I'd be part of and my life has changed so much.

I look at life completely differently now and have cultivated a yoga practice for me and my health. As an endometriosis sufferer, I have attended classes before and became frustrated, annoyed, angry. Why? because there are certain "moves" that are literally impossible when you are suffering from this pain.

I get it now. I understand why I was sent down the holistic path - first studying reflexology, then reiki and crystal healing and now yoga. They intertwine beautifully and allow me to sell the White Branches package and share how I have cultivated a lifestyle that works.

There's still so much to learn and I know that I won't stop here.

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