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Being True

Practicing yoga off the mat encourages us to be true, "Satya" (pronounced "Sat...yaa"). We are daily supported by the Universe and its energy flow but dishonesty redirects this energy against the flow causing unnecessary effort and energetic input.

We may feel that little untruths are harmless but over time these little "cracks" can cause structure failure when the foundation of dishonesty becomes unstable. Dishonesty leads to the use of energy trying to keep things hidden, remembering "stories" and "tales" told for fear of being discovered.

  • Telling a friend we love their new hair style.

  • Gossiping about a work colleague's illness.

  • Mis-guiding a loved one on the ingredients in a meal.

  • Elaborating on a night out to gain attention.

Speaking and living our truth may sometimes cause rejection. But, by allowing ourselves to follow the flow of life, we can use our energy for spiritual re-growth. We can make a choice. Every interaction or thought is to bring the power of the Universe into our lives. Let these words and thoughts be true.

Satya reminds us to bring the highest level to the forefront of our minds. How can you bring the flow of Satya into your daily life?

Be True.

Be Satya.



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