Giving Back

Wealth is Neutral

When studying yoga off the mat, we can focus on the five yamas (restraints).

1. Ahimsa (active kindness)

2. Satya (truth)

3. Brahmacharya (abstinence)

4. Aparigraha (letting go) and

5. Asteya (giving back).

Asteya (pronounced "Aaaa.stay...yah") shows us the way of giving back. Wealth is a way in which we can give back in many ways other than through the obvious route of monetary value.

Wealth is not a trait upon which judgment can be legitimately passed. It tells us nothing about how a person lives, what they believe in, whom they care for, or the scope of their values. Their wealth may be the result of long hours of work, they may donate a large percentage of their resources to charitable causes, or their wealth is an incidental aspect of a life spent doing what they love.

If you take a moment to consider your own feelings regarding money and wealth, you may discover that you equate financial prosperity with happiness, power, security, independence, or self-indulgence.

Wealth can be given in the form of a smile to brighten someone’s day, offering to cook a homemade meal for a friend, disregard social media alerts whilst your pet or loved one wants your attention.

Wealth is giving your time.

Wealth is considering others’ time.

Wealth is Neutral.

Consider what you may do to bring wealth to those you meet.



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