Emotional Freedom

You may have heard of EFT Therapy which means Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a universal healing tool that can provide astonishing results for physical and emotional issues. This "free" technique is available to us all, in the palm of our own hands.

The "points" of the body that we tap are called meridians and are located just beneath the surface of the skin responding to touch. They relate to areas of the body that we retain our emotions and by tapping we "free" the emotion.

How to Tap

Firstly, the problem "in hand" is graded from 1 to 10. 10 Being the most traumatic/painful. So let us assume you have an exam coming soon and you are feeling depressed, anxious, can't sleep, irritable and moody. You score your problem as 8.

Now create a Problem Phrase to suit this problem, for example "I am really scared about my exam".

Now create an Affirmation Phrase - something as simple as "I deeply love and accept myself".

Problem Phrase + Affirmation Phrase = Reminder Phrase

"I am really scared about my exam.

I deeply love and accept myself"

Repeat the above Reminder Phrase phrase three times as you tap on the inside of your dominant hand between your pinky finger and wrist. Now repeat, "I am really scared about my exam"... as you "tap"

1. Side of Hand (Karate Chop)

2. Top of Head

3. Eyebrow (above in middle)

4. Side of Eye

5. Under Eye (in middle under pupil)

6. Under Nose

7. Chin

8. Collarbone (in middle)

9. Under Arm (ladies middle bra strap / men in line with nipple)

Repeat 1. to 9. above again.

Inhale Deeply through the nose for a count of 3.

How do you feel? What is the score? You are aiming to have reduced the issue by 2 points, i.e. to 6. If you haven't, repeat the process again. You may want to change your affirmation slightly to be stronger - "I am so stressed, anxious and really scared about my exam. I deeply love and accept myself".

If your score is lower, re-write your affirmation again, lowering the tone, for example "I am a little apprehensive about my exam. I deeply love and accept myself".

Continue to practice this method. If, after you have deeply inhaled, you are feeling more at ease and the issue no longer seems so daunting stop the practice and return an hour or so later.

How the emotions can be trapped and

how tapping can set them free.

Before Tapping

1. Side of Hand - sorrow, vulnerability, loss

2. Top of Head - unbalanced, unconnected

3. Eyebrow - trauma, hurt, sadness, frustration, impatience

4. Side of Eye - resentment, anger, fear of change

5. Under Eye - fear and anxiety, cravings, disappointment

6. Under Nose - shame, embarrassment, grief, fear, failure

7. Chin - confusion, uncertainty, shame

8. Collarbone - indecision, worry, general stress

9. Under Arm - guilt, obsessing, hopelessness, insecure

After Tapping

1. Side of Hand - letting go, live in present moment

2. Top of Head - connect spiritually, balanced and aligned

3. Eyebrow - peace and emotional healing

4. Side of Eye - clarity and compassion

5. Under Eye - contentment, calmness, feeling safe

6. Under Nose - self-acceptance, empowered, compassion

7. Chin - clarity, confidence

8. Collarbone - confidence, clarity, moving forward

9. Under Arm - relaxation, compassion for others and self

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