Letting Go

When we take our yoga studies off the mat, and study Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, our lives change forever. Sutra translates as "thread" - the "threads of yoga" often described as the "The eight limbs of yoga" are

*Yama - abstinence

Niyama - observances

Asana - yoga postures

Pranayama - breath control

Pratyahara - withdrawal of the senses

Dharana - concentration

Dhyana - meditation

Samadhi - absorption

*There are five yamas, Ahimsa (active kindness), Satya (truth), Asteya (giving back), Brahmacharya (abstinence) and **Aparigraha (letting go). **Aparigraha - pronounced, "Apareee...graaa...har" directs us to "let go". Remove any obstacles that do not serve us.

Removing clutter, unwanted clothing, faulty electrical items, withered plants and "stuff" that hold negative memories and emotions need to leave our lives.

Take some time to Spring clean. Wear comfy soft clothing, play uplifting, gentle music (the kind you hear in a Spa that makes you go "ahhhhhh"), burn candles or oils (the kind you smell in a Spa that makes you go "ahhhhh"!).

Consider what needs to go, gather tools and supplies and treat yourself to new cloths, organic cleaning products (or make your own). Take your time. There's no rush. Enjoy this process of "letting go" rather than having the mindset of having to get it done.

Once you are happy with your work treat yourself to a spray of flowers or a new plant. Bringing the outdoors in will rejuvenate your space and bring new life into your home.

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