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Yogi Tea

A warming milky drink to energise the body, warm the soul and heal unwanted ailments.

A few years ago during my travels in India, I tried Yogi Tea in Dehli but I wasn't keen. It was very strong and the milk was thick and sweet.

I decided to test a recipe for myself and love my twist on this authentic warm holistic drink.


4 x Large Cups of Water

15 x whole cloves

20 x black peppercorns

3 x sticks of cinnamon

20 x squashed cardamon pods

8 x thin slices of fresh ginger (no need to peel)

2 x tea bags (empty tea from them)

My Method

Boil water in a pan and add the cloves - boil for 1 minute

Add all other ingredients (not tea) to the pan, cover & boil for 30 minutes

Transfer the mixture to slow cooker and put on medium setting

Leave for 2 or 3 hours

Add black tea from tea bags and let it cool

Use clean cloth strain into a jug

Transfer to glass jars or bottles


Measure two thirds of a cup of milk

Measure one third of a cup of yogi tea concentrate

Add to pan and bring to boil then simmer until warmed through

Serve with a Yoga Ball

Health Benefits

Cloves to warm the joints

Cardamon for mental awareness

Peppercorns for circulation

Cinnamon to reduce blood sugars

Ginger for the immune system

Enjoy - would love to hear from you if you try making this recipe.

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