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We provide advice to live a holistic lifestyle.  Please ensure you seek medical support when needed. 

New Beginnings

It's now a year since I moved into my new home and over 18 months since the planning and training began for the launch of White Branches.

Sadly the picture shown isn't one I took but whilst taking in the beautiful scenery near my home I've had the pleasure of coming face to face with beautiful deer on four separate occasions and the silence from us both was tangible. On one occasion we were no more than 20 yards from each other with neither daring to move first. The deer did leave first; like a puff of smoke it was gone, camouflaged so quickly by the trees and undergrowth.

Deer is featured in artwork to symbolize luck, success, longevity and prosperity. The animal is also supposed to represent the hope for an overall long and healthy life. Lucky me!

It will be 2 years in August that I was told I was 1 point from becoming Type 2 Diabetic. I was told it was inevitable, that nothing could be done. I didn't want to accept this so began months of research and even volunteered and supported the Diabetic Society to re-write their leaflets and handouts. As I write, I have lost almost 2 stone in weight, have given up meat and hope that by this August, I'm able to prove to the medical professionals who doubted me, that by changing your lifestyle there can be dramatic results.

In these last few months, I've also managed to finally find the best yoga practice (yin) for me to support my neck and back injury from a car crash in 2016. Discovering what your body needs is key to health and well-being and whilst it has taken time to connect and the need for physio intervention, (even he shared my ideas with his other patients!), my body is finally feeling part of my soul.

It takes time to know what you body needs and once you connect with your spiritual desires, the physical being simply falls into place.



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