Crystal Girl

On 21 May 2018 I was blessed to meet a beautiful young lady called Rose*. Aged 9, born on Boxing Day (my Birthday is Christmas Day), our energetic connection was instant.

I found it so easy to be in Rose's company and listen to what she had to say, all of which was very interesting. We started our session with a little chat about our chakras and I showed her a lovely poster identifying all 7 chakras with crystals attached. She loved all the crystals in the room so I asked her to choose 7 that she was attracted to and then asked her to decide which crystal she wanted against each chakra.

In preparation for Rose arriving, I had selected a few essential oils for her to smell to see what she preferred. The reason Rose's Mum had brought her to me was she seemed to be suffering from headaches, mood swings and a little anxiety. Rose chose lemon essential oil and her sparkly blue eyes lit up when she smelled it and she giggled. I laughed at her funny little nose and pulled frown when she smelled Ylang Ylang, "urgh, I don't like that one at all!". Children are so honest.

Then for the "bubbly pool" (she called it)! To help Rose relax I filled up my electric foot bath with warm water, added some rose infused salt with a few drops of essential lemon oil. She giggled and couldn't wait to get her socks off and pop her feet in the warm refreshing water. "Ahhhh..." she said, as she lay back in the relaxing chair covered in a cream fluffy blanket, "...that is nice".

She asked me lots of questions, eager to find out where things in my therapy Attic Room were from, "Thailand", "India" I'd say and she'd gasp aloud and grin from ear to ear. She wanted to know what certain things were for - incense sticks, dowsing crystal, tiger balm and was so animated in her questions. Her eyes would glance around the room as if she was so eager to think of another question.

Once she had relaxed a little bit more with her feet in the warm water I asked her to lie on the heated therapy bed. I explained to her a little about reflexology. I told her that I was just going to press some places on her feet and she just needed to relax and either close her eyes or look at things that pleased her in the room. I started with her toes, her arches, her heels - a little crunching around the heels (her back) but nothing untoward. Then I massaged around her ankle bone and across her the front of her ankle and she winced and pulled back her foot. "Did that hurt?" I asked her, and she replied "it is always sore that part of my foot - well both feet". So, after explaining that perhaps if I go a little gentle we can see how that feels. Within seconds her eyes started to close and her headed nodded to the side but she fought it and brought herself back into the room. "Do you do massage?" she asked. "My Nanny rubs my shoulders and I like that" as she turned her body over on the bed to lie on her tummy. What a delightful child who knows exactly what her body needs for her own sense of well-being. Through her pretty school blue and white checked dress I started to massage her shoulders, neck and head (she added the head bit on as we talked saying she liked that!). She would say "ooh there, that bit there, that's nice" and tell me constantly what hurt and what was nice. After around 20 minutes or so she said "can I put my feet back in the bubbly pool?". Bless her.

Back in the chair, feet emerged in tepid water (she said she didn't mind it not so hot), she sat back with a glass of water, a little bar of orange dark chocolate and closed her eyes. With the chair under the attic window the mid-afternoon sun twinkled in her face and she soaked up the energy of the crystals I placed upon her.

When she'd finished, I had prepared some little gifts for her, angel cards, a butterfly ring and a pink quartz crystal.

She had been so interested in these handmade flower tea-light candles I had picked up on a market in Thailand that I told her she could take one as long as she promised not to light it unless her Mummy or Daddy were with her. She said she wanted to ask me a question but that "I think I know the answer anyway" as she opened her hands out in explanation. "Yes" I asked her, "do you ever light them?". I laughed, "nope never, they are too special aren't they?". She nodded then said she couldn't decide between the blue or the pink - "take both I said"; her reply "oh no I couldn't do that, I have to choose one - I will take the blue one".

Rose the Crystal Child - what a pure delight.

I now see Rose for an hour each month for a pamper of her feet (warm foot bath and gentle reflexology) and crystal reiki treatment. As Rose is a child, I charge half my usual price of £30. All holistic treatments are ideal for children and can certainly promote health and well being at a young age rather than relying on GP visits and National Health. If you'd like your child to come and visit contact me now at for your first 1 hour consultation FREE of charge! You can stay with your child throughout this treatment or you can relax in another room.

Check out all treatments (including yoga; something maybe you and your child can learn together) at White Branches - Bookings and whatever you book will automatically be reduced by 50% for anyone under the age of 18 years old.

Namaste (the divine in me bows to the divine in you)

* Rose's name has been changed to protect her identity.


The pain Rose was suffering in her ankle area could well be to do with her hormones changing as this area relates to uterus and Fallopian tubes. Upon charting Rose's headaches, mood swings and general anxiousness these occurred at the same time as her Mum's monthly period. Rose's Mum has now bought a foot spa to encourage Rose to pop her feet into warm water to help her relax and an essential blend of lemon oil is rubbed into her feet before bed time with a rose quartz crystal placed under her pillow to promote love and harmony.

Attributes of a Crystal Child

If you think your child may be a Crystal Child take a moment to read the following attributes as understanding their needs may support you in nurturing them with their every day lifestyle as they grow.

extremely sensitive to everything in their environment

  • sensitive that they are deeply vulnerable

  • must have alone time

  • do not live well in groups

  • must have daily connection with nature and elements

  • they literally do not understand / are overwhelmed

  • they can withdraw and disconnect to protect themselves

  • others admire and are drawn to them like a magnet

  • very gentle and wise

  • will tell you what they need and what they don't like

  • will avoid crowds as too many different energies

  • deep love for children and animals

  • love baths, showers, waterfalls, fountains, playing in water

  • require comfortable clothing of their choice of natural fibers

  • require lots of pure water and often prefer fresh organic food

  • extremely emphatic; know what strangers feel

  • absence of an ego

  • may need help to ground their energy (yoga or dance)

  • may disrupt electrical appliances, radios, TVs, computers

  • refrains from showing emotion for fear

  • feels responsible for someone or something dying or getting hurt

  • can have periods of deep depression

  • responds well to energy work to be healthy and pain-free

  • have a high metabolism and be natural vegetarians

  • bright, "big-picture" individuals with an instinct of spiritual laws

  • clear connection to their higher self

  • natural healers and peacemakers

  • multi-talented

  • they will not give advice without being asked and will never interfere

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