Blue Magic

Blue is the first colour we recognise when we see coloured objects.

Our eyes contain more receptive cells for blue than any other colour. The largest spaces we see are the sea and the sky. With the presence of blue so strong in our lives, it is easy to see why blue stones should be so appealing to us.

Chakra Blue

Blue is the colour of our throat chakra so blue stones are usually good for conditions associated with the throat and the voice. Blue has a calming effect on the emotions and the mind and also expands as you look at it, creating the idea of space. Blue stones are ideal for those feeling distressed or trapped by a current circumstance.

Crystal Blue

Colours in the spectrum have a specific vibration rate producing electromagnetic waves that can effect us physically and psychologically. The colour of a crystal is determined by the rate at which the atoms vibrate when light is refracted through it. Blue has the second largest range of wavelength, after red. It is therefore an extremely important and powerful presence in our lives.

Meditating Blue

Choosing a blue crystal for your meditation practice can expand the consciousness and due to their calming attributes, relieve stress and worry.

  • Lapiz Lazuli - traded in Ancient Sumeria since 4000 BC, its golden flecks give it a magnificence that draws the eye. Hold in meditation to release stress and bring deep peace.

  • Sodalite - strengthens the mind to alleviate fear or guilt and supports those that are oversensitive or prone to guilty feelings. Hold in hand during meditation.

  • Sapphire - calms the mind, reduces tension and stress. Place sapphire on brow during meditation.

  • Agate - blue agate brings feelings of tranquility and is good for easing phobias and panic attacks. Place on sacral chakra (tummy) during meditation if feeling overwhelmed.

  • Blue Quartz - keep a piece under your pillow at night to help you remember and control your dreams.

  • Aquamarine - if travelling by boat take a piece with you for protection.

(from top left, lapis lazuli, top right, sodalite

middle left, sapphire, middle right agate

bottom left blue quartz, bottom right aquamarine)

Healing Blue

Kyanite is ideal for any sore throat problems and should be placed gently against the throat whilst a healing treatment is carried out. A necklace of kyanite placed against the throat chakra can also be a good way to heal.

Water Blue

Blue stones have elemental associations with water and and as such can allow any blockages to "flow". Placing a blue stone across your sacral chakra (tummy) can encourage the body to release any excess water retention.

Using blue crystals can support you to focus with a calm mind, expand your consciousness and help your thoughts and emotions to flow as smoothly as water.


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