Reflexology and Me

I often hear from many that feet are disgusting or I am asked the question, "how can you touch others' feet?"

Well for me, this is simple. I became interested in how our feet connect to our bodies over 25 years ago from visiting the library. Long before "Google" became the norm, I would spend hours in the library trying to make sense of my own illnesses that could not be diagnosed by Dr's.

I then discovered I was an endometriosis sufferer and was eventually diagnosed after many years of persistence with my GP and Consultant. Unfortunately, as this has had gone undetected for over 20 years, there was little medically that could be done because there was too much damage to my bowel.

Endometriosis also causes severe pain and infertility and it was recommended to me to try reflexology. I found when the therapist touched the side of my ankles the pain was excruciating. This part of the foot connects to the reproductive organs and in particular for women, the ovaries and Fallopian tubes. After regular treatments the pain became a little less intense during my period each month.

Another reason for my love of feet is that when I was 26, I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma on the bottom of my foot. This was only detected when I had a pedicure and the beauty therapist noticed a very small dark black mole. She basically saved my life because she loved feet!

After an excruciating lengthy operation involving the removal of the mole, I was told the cancer had advanced and that further deeper excisions were required and that it may lead to amputation of my leg.

Thankfully after many surgeries and skin grafts, my leg was saved and my love for feet grew. My aim, at the age of 27, was simply to walk again and within a year I was able to do so.

So, when someone asks me why I love feet, I think my story tells it all.


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