12 Tips for Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety is part of the human condition. Developing a high level of anxiety is a skill. Lowering anxiety is a skill, too.

The key to managing anxiety is to begin minimizing it as soon as possible after it hits you. The more it builds, the more challenging it is to control.

Discover 12 tips to relieving anxiety

Break Your Day

Break your day into small chunks. Only worry about the small amount of time in front of you. If you’re sitting in a meeting at 9am, there’s no reason to worry about how you’re going to pay the electric bill or what you’re going to have for dinner.

Use Mantras

Create a mantra and use it. Have a positive and uplifting phrase you repeat to yourself, for example “I’m happy and capable of handling any situation.” “My life is filled with joy and positive energy.”

Get Moving

The quickest way to relieve anxiety is to exercise enough to sweat. A casual walk is better than nothing, but to get the greatest benefit, it’s necessary to get your heart beating hard. Try a quick walk, short run, run up and down stairs, star jumps, 10 minute yoga sun salutation will certainly get your mind thinking about your breath. Distractions

Distractions never solve the underlying issue, but can provide relief. Watch a movie, play cards, or do a crossword. Spend time with a close friend. Give yourself a break and put your focus elsewhere.


Anxiety occurs because some part of your brain is trying to stop you from taking action. It has learned that it can control you by making you feel miserable. You can minimize the anxiety you feel by plowing ahead. Your brain will learn that making you feel anxious doesn’t work.

Worry Time

Allow 20 minutes to worry each day. Schedule your worry time. You’ll find yourself less inclined to worry during the other 23-plus hours of the day. Change your Environment

Get out of your current environment and give yourself a change of scenery. Go to the park or spend some time at the coffee shop. Spend an hour window shopping. Shake things up a bit.

Pet Love

If you have a dog, you already know how comforting they can be. Sit on the floor and have a heart-to-heart with your favorite pet. How could you not feel better?


Get your anxiety out of your head and down on paper. There’s something cathartic about writing when you’re stressed. Make a habit of writing about your life each day. BUT be positive.

Using Scent

The right scent can be soothing. Take a trip to the candle store and find something that makes you feel good when you smell it. Creating your own essential oil blend mix, burning incense sticks or creating your own candles and soaps are a wonderful way to relieve anxiety.

Use Your Brain

Find a hobby that requires concentration. It could be chess, playing the piano, or knitting. It doesn’t matter what the hobby is as long as you enjoy it and it commands your complete attention. It can be a great way to spend your down time.


Visualising something positive is a great way to cope. Daydream about and adventure or remember a positive experience from the past. Imagine your perfect day.

Dealing with anxiety is important so when you feel worry begin to build, deal with it immediately. A high level of anxiety is very challenging to manage so develop a list of strategies that can be implemented quickly when anxiety first appears.

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