10 Tips to Ease Chronic Pain Without Medication

Chronic pain isn't an easy condition to handle, but you can take control. Simple changes in your lifestyle, diet, and exercise routines can help ease your pain.

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Chronic pain isn't an easy condition to handle, but you can take control. Simple changes in your lifestyle, diet, and exercise routines can help ease your pain.

Try these techniques to experience relief:

Manage stress - Stress can increase chronic pain and make it more difficult to manage. Try a variety of strategies to relax and reduce stress to see which ones work the best for you. Yoga and meditation are two stress-reduction strategies that can help.

Breathing Exercises - By simply focusing on your breathing, you can relax your muscles and reduce pain. Deep breathing exercises can also reduce blood pressure, eliminate stress, and decrease the heart rate.

Fun Distractions - Instead of concentrating on the pain, try distractions that help you forget about it. Hobbies and activities such as watching your favorite movie or reading a new book can help. You may also want to try drawing on other ideas that help you fill your time and avoid thinking about the pain.

Water Intake - Dehydration can make chronic pain worse. Take slow sips regularly.

Avoid inflammatory food - junk food and processed food can increase inflammation in your body, so your chronic pain also increases. Foods with a lot of sugar and salt also contribute to inflammation and increased pain.

Add more anti-inflammatory food - nuts, leafy greens, fatty fish, berries, and other items can help you fight inflammation and reduce pain. They have antioxidants that fight damage on the cellular level.

Focus on Posture - Posture can help reduce the stress on your back and cut down on chronic pain. Consider the way you sit and stand. Experts recommend that you avoid slumping your shoulders and lowering your head. The spine should be straight, so circulation is better.

Movement - Try to get outside and take a walk. If this isn't possible walk around the house. If you are unable to walk, move your shoulders, your jaw, your arms. Gentle circulation of the shoulders, raising the arms higher than the head, rotating the wrists and ankles will all help to relieve tension in the body and mind.

Try massage - massages can reduce chronic pain by improving circulation and blood flow. Massages help reduce back, shoulder, and neck pain. They can also help your overall health.

Find support - Chronic pain is linked to anxiety and depression. The social aspect of support groups can help in coping with these side effects. They can be less formal and offer privacy and anonymity, so you can feel comfortable sharing your experience.

Even if you take medication for your pain, you can further reduce it with these techniques. Follow your doctor's advice, reduce stress and inflammation, and find support, and you'll feel the pain relief you've been seeking.

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