White Branches Journal Program

Journal Prompts for Beginners

In only 7 Days you will discover how to journal

Keeping a daily journal is a powerful habit for anyone looking to live an authentic holistic lifestyle. The best way is with pen and paper so grab a notebook and let’s get started.

Why not create a bespoke journal just for this purpose? Buying cheaper books and covering with craft paper, fancy wrapping paper or even fabric and embellishments is a great way to make your journals uniquely snazzy!

Are you in?  Choose the date you wish to start.  You won't be disappointed at the end result.  

White Branches Journal Program

7 Day Schedule

Day One - Set up Your Writing Ritual & Gratitude Journal
Day Two - Moments of Hesitation
Day Three - Your Space
Day Four - Doing Something New
Day Five - About Yourself
Day Six - Book Review
Day Seven - Commitments & Finding Support

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In today’s dynamic world, we must constantly be in pursuit of new knowledge and skills in order to ensure our success. Suzanne J Lawson at White Branches provides various Online Training Programs to support your lifestyle. Suzanne is here to share all of her extensive professional expertise to support you to living holistically.