Welcome to White Branches


Whether you're looking to find balance, stability and structure to your home life and relations or seeking ways to bring power, movement and flow into everyday life.  White Branches can support you. 

We'll teach you all about your body, the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response), the parasympathetic system (rest and digest), how to find your inner and outer truth, learn to love yourself, bring harmony into your daily life and awaken your mind,body and soul.

We'll interlace movement, breath, relaxation, a range of holistic therapy and how the meaning of yoga is more than the practice.  You need no experience to joins us and our prgoramme is designed for you to tap into what you need, when you need it.

Take a look at our various Branches below to bring balance, growth and change to your life. 

Your Bliss

Finding a state of blissful union,

clarity and wisdom

Crown | Sahasrara | White/Purple

Balance home life, family & friends

Bringing power movement & flow

Awaken the sympathetic nervous system

Finding your inner & outer truth

Bridging your body for love & harmony

Awakening the mind, body and soul


White Branches can support you to your bliss.  We're here to bring all we know about yoga, reiki,reflexology, crystal healing, aromatherapy, colour therapy, life coaching and pain management.  

Your Balance

Balancing your home, family,

friends and relationships.  

Root | Muladhara | Red

moved to a new home?

living with adult children?

worry about the future?

feeling insecure, rage or anger?

regular nightmares?

no motivation?

Red Branches can help you bring balance to your life.  We''ll study meditation, relaxation, and how to set trust and connect with others. 

Your Truth

Finding your truth, grace and connection with your inner and outer self

Throat | Vishuddha | Blue

chronic sore throat?

fear of speaking?

inability to speak thoughts?

Neck and thyroid pain?

feeling detached and stubborn?

can't speak truth without anger?

Blue Branches will support you to find your truth.  We'll practice how to let go, find your voice and connect and believe in yourself. 

Your Instructor

Suzanne J Lawson

Yoga Teacher & Holistic Expert

Yoga | Reiki | Reflexology







Something in here about Suzanne J Lawson needs to be added in about endo why yoga, what holistics mean for her and what she does daily and why it worked for her . 

Your Power

Bringing power, movement,

flow and pleasure

Sacrum |  Svadhishthana | Orange

fear of pleasure?

tension and depression?

dysfunctional relationships?

have no self worth

lack of creativity?

no idea how to change?

Orange Branches can teach you how to find your inner power.  You'll learn how to trust others, love yourself and live a daily life of clarity and creativity. 

Your Bridge

Bridging the lower and upper body to create love and harmony

Heart | Anahata | Green

often hold grudges?

feel withdrawn, shy, hurt?

overly critical and lack empathy?

cannot trust others?

put self last before others?

no personal boundaries?

Green Branches can guide you to find your strong bridge.  We'll teach you to let go, relax, find what really matters and cultivate a new mindset. 

Your Journey

Yoga is a Journey

grab a mat and join us

Time | Breath | Practice







This bit can be about how White Branches can support you on your holistic journey and how you can tap into things that you like, leaving behind anything that doesn't resonate.


Your Re-Start

Awakening the sympathetic nervous system when in pain

Solar | Manipura | Yellow

painful monthly cramps?

no energy or self-esteem?

often feel nausea or vomit?

feelings of stress and fear?

control others and very competitive?

binge eating and poor diet?


Yellow Branches can guide you towards simple daily life changing support from meditation, breath work, daily yoga and aromatherapy. 

Your Awakening

Awakening the deep consciousness to connect mind, body and soul

3rd Eye | Ajna | Pink/Lilac

suffer from nightmares?

often have vivid dreams?

skepticism and paranoia?

insomnia, anxiety, depression?

high blood pressure?

sciatic pain?

Pink Branches have the tools for you to find your awakening.  We'll spend time in relaxation postures, guided meditations and be guided by the power of reiki.